Blogs by Hockey in Society Contributors

Alvin MaHockey in Society contributor Alvin Ma’s “rants about politics, sports, and the politics of sports.”

E. Martin Nolan – Freelance author and Hockey in Society contributor E. Martin Nolan blogs about sport, politics, and the arts.

The Rabbit Hole – Hockey in Society contributor Courtney Szto blogs about sociocultural issues in contemporary sport.

Super Fan 2.0 – Hockey in Society contributor Sunil Agnihotri’s blog examines issues related to new media, hockey, and fandom from sociocultural perspectives.

Sport Blogs and Websites

The AllrounderA website dedicated to analysis of global and local sport cultures and the social, political and economic contexts in which they are situated.

The Barnstormer“The Barnstormer aims to celebrate the intersection of sports and humanity with good writing. It means to be an open, accommodating, inclusive forum for considered, thoughtful, funny and strange writing about sports, written by sports fans, for both sports fans and fans of  good writing.” Featuring contributions from Hockey in Society contributor E. Martin Nolan.

Edge of Sports – Dave Zirin, sportswriter for The Nation, writes about the politics of sports in the United States.

Left Hook – A critical and political sport blog “that seeks to bridge the sphere of progressive social/political analysis to the world of amateur and professional sport.” Featuring contributions from Hockey in Society contributors.

Nathan Kalman-Lamb – Graduate student Nathan Kalman-Lamb’s critical blog, which examines sport, culture and politics.

New Books in Sports – Podcast discussions with authors of new scholarly books about sport.


Centre for Sport Policy Studies – Based out of the University of Toronto, the Centre for Sport Policy Studies conducts and publicizes policy research on Canadian sport and physical activity.

North American Society for the Sociology of Sport – The scholarly society for the sociocultural study of sport in North America.

Society for International Hockey Research – Society for researchers interested in the history of ice hockey.

Sport for Solidarity – Activist organization that advocates for social justice and equality within sport.

You Can Play Project – An organization dedicated to battling homophobia in hockey and other sports.