Gary Bettman and Don Fehr Must Go

Guest Post by Derek Silva and Nathan Kalman-Lamb Derek Silva is associate professor of criminology at King’s University College at Western university and cohost of The End of Sport podcast. His work on hockey culture can be found in Punishment & Society, Crime, Media, Culture, and the Sociology of Sport Journal. He can be found on Twitter @Derekcrim. Nathan Kalman-Lamb is…

Hockey Canada makes important strides: New Maltreatment Rule for 2021-2022 Season

Hockey Canada is committed to contributing to the physical, psychological, social, and spiritual health of individuals of varying abilities, backgrounds, and interests. Hockey Canada firmly believes that only when sport environments are safe and inclusive can these values be realized. Maltreatment includes volitional acts that result in harm or the potential for physical or psychological…

Safe sport without governmental oversight is not safe

The objective of the piece was not to lambaste amateur sport organizations for these shortcomings because, while many amateur sport organizations could and should do more, nothing they can do will actually solve the problem. The only path to safe sport is through a federally-funded, multi-sport system of education, reporting and discipline. Unfortunately, this past week, the CBC reported on a story that highlights why this is necessary.

Referee Abuse Demands Meaningful Action, Not Cosmetic Changes

The conventional structure of a hockey game, in which participants are penalized for breaking the rules and penalties increase depending on the severity of the violation, is not suitable to address verbal abuse of officials. A new approach is necessary and needed urgently. The green armband is not a new approach; it’s more of the same. While hockey “listens and learns”, officials are suffering.

Guest Post: A Green Arm Band is a Target, Not a Solution

Madison Danford (@maddydanford) is a first year PhD student at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. She is working with Dr. Courtney Szto in the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies in the socio-cultural stream. Madison is interested in hockey, gender, intersectionality, nationalism and identity. Her Master’s thesis examined the experiences of women ice hockey officials…