Safe sport without governmental oversight is not safe

The objective of the piece was not to lambaste amateur sport organizations for these shortcomings because, while many amateur sport organizations could and should do more, nothing they can do will actually solve the problem. The only path to safe sport is through a federally-funded, multi-sport system of education, reporting and discipline. Unfortunately, this past week, the CBC reported on a story that highlights why this is necessary.

Referee Abuse Demands Meaningful Action, Not Cosmetic Changes

The conventional structure of a hockey game, in which participants are penalized for breaking the rules and penalties increase depending on the severity of the violation, is not suitable to address verbal abuse of officials. A new approach is necessary and needed urgently. The green armband is not a new approach; it’s more of the same. While hockey “listens and learns”, officials are suffering.

Weekly Links: Oake family working to prevent drug addiction; “Smashville” in the hockey spotlight; PETA’s stand against catfish tossing; and more

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. The family of Scott Oake (of Hockey Night in Canada) is helping to fund a drug treatment centre in Winnipeg. Scott’s son, Bruce, died at age 25 from an overdose of heroin. The family is hoping that its donations and…

Sport, Hockey, and Film: An Interview with Russell Field, Executive Director of the Canadian Sport Film Festival

On Saturday and Sunday, the 5th annual Canadian Sport Film Festival (CSFF) is taking place in Toronto at the TIFF Lightbox. As usual, the festival will feature a variety of sport-related documentaries that cover a range of topics. Notably, this year’s program includes two films that focus on hockey: Lace Bite and The Uluit: Champions…

Hockey at the University of Toronto: How the sport has been woven into the cultural fabric of a university for over a century

The University of Toronto (UofT) is Canada’s largest university, with an enrollment of over 75,000 students spread across three campuses in Toronto and Mississauga. It is also one of Canada’s oldest academic institutions, having been founded in 1827. Given its size, its age, and the location of its main campus in downtown Toronto, the university…