Welcome to Hockey in Society!

Welcome to Hockey in Society, a blog dedicated to exploring and discussing important social and political issues in the sport of ice hockey. Please bear with us as we get the blog up and running in the coming weeks, during which time we hope to add additional writers and begin regular blog posts by the time the National Hockey League season starts in October.

You can expect to see a variety of posts on Hockey in Society, including but not limited to:

  • Critical essays
  • Reaction to current events
  • Summaries of and links to cutting-edge academic research on hockey
  • Book reviews
  • Links to news items of social and political interest in the world of hockey and sport
  • Q&A interviews with scholars, journalists and members of the hockey new media community
  • Information on academic conferences and presentations related to hockey

Some of the issues that Hockey in Society will discuss are:

  • Violence in hockey
  • Gender inequality
  • Hockey and sport media
  • Issues in child, youth and junior hockey
  • Hockey fan culture
  • The impact of new media on athletes and traditional hockey media
  • The economics and business of professional hockey
  • Historical issues in hockey
  • The roles, responsibilities and impacts of academic research on hockey

We hope that you will check back here soon and that you enjoy the blog.

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