Weekly Links: Evander Kane update; Ruggeiro named Athlete’s Commission Chair; New You Can Play partnership; and more

2016-08-01-ioc-athletes-commission-thumbnail (1)

Angela Ruggiero (right). Photo from Current Affairs.

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • Gabriel Landeskog penned an important piece about concussions for the [Player’s Tribune].
  • Evander Kane has pleaded not guilty to his charges of non-criminal harassment, disorderly conduct and trespass. [Canoe Sports] Then when the Buffalo Sabres wished him a happy birthday and some on social media questioned the timing of the celebratory tweet. [Yahoo Sports]
  • PK Subban wrote a letter to the Montreal Children’s Hospital and read it on social media explaining that his move to Nashville does nothing to change his commitment to the kids. [CBC]
  • Paul Bissonette feels that keeping “organic fighting” in hockey is what separates hockey from other sports. [Today’s SlapShot]
  • Tunisia came out on top at the inaugural African Cup. [EuroHockey]
  • The NWHL announced a new partnership with the You Can Play Project. [NWHL]
  • Team USA icon, Angela Ruggiero has been appointed the IOC’s Athlete’s Commission Chair. [Excelle Sports]
  • Surfing and softball have been added back onto the Olympic program for 2020 but did you know that ice hockey was once in the Summer Games? [Sportsnet]
  • Check out how Wayne Simmonds gives back with his annual ball hockey tournament.[Sportsnet]

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