Weekly Links: Harrison Browne; Gretzky back in Edmonton; CHL class-action update; and more


Harrison Browne. Photo from CBC.ca

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • Harrison Browne came out as transgender making him the first transgender professional team athlete in America. [Vice Sports] The NWHL is now working on a transgender inclusion policy. [ESPNW] And you can round out your Harrison Browne reading with these other pieces: [Excelle Sports] [Yahoo Sports] [CBC Sports]
  • Radko Gudas made some questionable remarks regarding dangerous hits after a pre-season game against Boston. [TSN]
  • It seems Donald Trump isn’t the only one being asked to show his tax returns. A group of former CHL players want 42 major junior teams to turn over their tax returns dating back to 2011 as part of the class action suit over the employment status of players. [TSN]
  • Girls hockey just got a big boost in Calgary with the announcement of a partnership between the Calgary Inferno and Girls Hockey Calgary. [Hockey Now]
  • Hockey Night in Punjabi is starting it’s 10th season this year! Check out this interview with Bhupinder Hundal who reminisced about the team’s whirlwind Stanley Cup adventure in Pittsburgh earlier this summer. [The Now]
  • Katie Burke wrote a piece on National Coming Out Day talking about her connection with the legacy project for Brendan Burke. [Medium]
  • How much is a $1 million pay cheque really worth? [The Hockey News] breaks down the math for us.
  • Wayne Gretzky has been named a Partner and the Vice-Chairman of Oiler’s Entertainment Group. [Sportsnet]
  • The NHL is beefing up it’s concussion protocols by…adding more concussion spotters. [TSN] Let us know what you think about this move in the comments below.

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