Weekly Links: Reaction to Shawn Thornton’s attack on Brooks Orpik; Big news in Canadian women’s hockey; Academic conferences on hockey research; and more

Welcome to Hockey in Society’s Weekly Links post. This feature highlights articles or blog entries that are related to Hockey in Society’s areas of interest and that may be of interest to the site’s readers. Please check out some of the great writing that is happening in the hockey media and blogosphere!

  • The attack by the Boston Bruins’ Shawn Thornton on the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Brooks Orpik, which Courtney Szto discussed on this blog last weekend, has dominated the hockey headlines this week. Nicholas Cotsonika weighed in harshly against the act and the culture of violence in which it occurred. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Jonathan Willis discussed the incident and argued that the “grey area” around self-policing in hockey places players in untenable situations: “As long as the NHL persists in its tight-rope walk between policing the game and allowing the players to dispense . . . “frontier justice” it’s only going to be a matter of time until something like this happens again.” [Cult of Hockey]
  • Jay Rosehill of the Philadelphia Flyers came to Thornton’s defense in this lengthy interview. If you want an insight into the culture of hockey fighting and the “Code” then give this a listed. [Sportsnet]

  • Big news in women’s hockey, as Canadian Interuniversity Sport is allowing Canadian universities to offer larger scholarships to female hockey players in an attempt to keep homegrown talent from migrating to the NCAA. [University Affairs]
  • In international women’s hockey, Canadian head coach Dan Church surprisingly resigned, with only a few months before the Sochi Games start. Lisa Haley and Canadian legend Danielle Goyette will replace Church on an interim basis. [The Hockey News]
  • Katie Baker has a really interesting piece on billet families in the US junior league, the USHL. [Grantland]
  • The proceedings from the 2012 edition of the biannual research conference Putting it on Ice, which was hosted by St. Mary’s University, have been published and are downloadable. [St. Mary’s University]
  • The 2014 edition of Putting it on Ice will take place in London, ON in June. The call for abstracts is now open. [The Hockey Conference]
  • A study at the University of Victoria suggests that Daniel and Henrik Sedin of the Vancouver Canucks are models of “servant leadership.” [Globe and Mail]
  • The NHL continues to push its outdoor game marketing strategy. It appears that the Heritage Classic will be hosted by the Winnipeg Jets in 2016, while warm-weather team the Phoenix Coyotes may host a Stadium Series game in 2015. [Puck Daddy]
  • Given its recent rise in profitability, Adam Proteau argues that the NHL will inevitable expand to 32 teams to cash in on this success. [The Hockey News]

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