Weekly Links: KHL Arena burnt and robbed; Culture of late hits; Origins of Hockey; Inter league partnerships; and more

Source: Edmonton Oil Kings

Source: Edmonton Oil Kings

Welcome to Hockey in Society’s Weekly Links post. This feature highlights articles or blog entries that are related to Hockey in Society’s areas of interest and that may be of interest to the site’s readers. Please check out some of the great writing that is happening in the hockey media and blogosphere!

  • Congrats to the Edmonton Oil Kings! 2014 Memorial Cup champions! [Cult of Hockey]
  • Pro-Russian militants burned and robbed the Druzhba Arena in the Ukraine, the home rink of HC Donbass of the KHL. [SB Nation]
  • James Mirtle looks at the issue of late hits, which have lead to a number of head injuries this season. [Globe & Mail]
  • A new book entitled “On the Origins of Hockey” brings forth the argument that hockey actually originated in England. [National Post]
  • A new partnership has been struck between KHL’s SKA St. Petersburg and the Swedish Hockey League’s HC Skellefteå to exchange ideas and experiences. It will be interesting to see what other partnerships between leagues can be struck. [SKA]

  • An excellent piece on the history of Montreal Canadiens legend Maurice Richard, and his lasting legacy on the game of hockey. [The Hockey Writers]
  • Despite the Arizona Coyotes’ growing fanbase, the city of Glendale lost money on it’s deal with the team. The arena did not draw enough non-hockey events and failed to generate revenue from parking. [AZ Central]
  • Great interview of TSN’s james Duthie who provides insight into the production of hockey broadcasts and the future of TSN. [Awful Announcing]
  • The Zamboni may be a thing of the past. A prototype has been built in the US that would re-surface a hockey rink without a driver and rely on GPS coordinates to complete the job. [Winona Daily News]
  • An app to track and measure goalie performance has been developed in the US. Double Blue was used by the Swedish National team and has recently drawn interest from NHL clubs as well. [Press Herald]
  • The North American Society for Sports History conference is underway in Colorado. There will be some hockey related presentations including those focused on hockey’s origins and the city of Hamilton’s long pursuit of acquiring an NHL team. [Hockey in Society]
  • Rob Vollman, author of The Hockey Abstract, hosted the Alberta Hockey Analytics Conference in Edmonton last week. This session featured a number of presentations focused on various topics pertaining to hockey analytics and the continued growth of the field. [The SuperFan]

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