Weekly Links: HNIC in Punjabi finds a new home, the Vancouver Sun finds itself in hot water, and learning to appreciate the CIS…

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Welcome to Hockey in Society’s Weekly Links post. This feature highlights articles or blog entries that are related to Hockey in Society’s areas of interest and that may be of interest to the site’s readers. Please check out some of the great writing that is happening in the hockey media and blogosphere!

  • Sledge hockey hero and paralympic gold medalist, Graeme Murray, will soon have an arena named after him in Gravenhurst, Ontario.  [Muskoka Daily]
  • The Vancouver Sun caused some controversy when a photo of Jordan Subban was captioned the “dark guy”.  Do you think this was inappropriate or not? [CTV News]
  • The Daily Townsman printed their opinion on the Subban incident arguing that the caption was anything but an isolated incident of accidental racism.  [Daily Townsman]
  • Hockey Night in Punjabi is moving to OMNI television, along with a bunch of other language commentaries! [TV-eh!]
  • Canadian inter university hockey doesn’t receive a lot of press when compared to the WHL, OHL or the minor leagues, but one blog encourages us to appreciate the oft-forgotten Canadian university hockey league. [Stanks’ Sermon]
  • Young Canucks prospect, Mackenze Stewart, was born deaf and only started playing hockey at the age of 12. Read about his journey in [The National Post]
  • The Hockey Writers take on homophobia in hockey and the dominant ‘bro’ mentality found in hockey culture.  When will professional hockey have its first openly gay player? [The Hockey Writers]
  • It looks like hockey analytics is here to stay and college coaches are looking to make the most of their statistics. [College Hockey News]
  • This is not exactly from this week but we would be remiss not mention that Canadian Women’s Olympic team member and 2-time World Champion, Tessa Bonhomme, announced her retirement last week. [Hockey Canada]
  • The AHL announced a partnership with Upper Deck hockey cards.  Get your prospects now before they make the big leagues! (Do people still collect hockey cards?) [AHL]

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