It’s time to say goodbye to sock tape!

Slide1When I was a part-time sales associate at Sportchek, a mother once commented to me that once her sons had balled up all of the sock tape they used in a month and each created a tape ball the size of a basketball.   Her boys played rep hockey; therefore, they were on the ice quite a few times a week.  After their little experiment the boys substituted sock tape for velcro shin pad straps to hold their shin guards in place.  Her story made me get rid of my sock tape years ago.  After all it’s a win-win: I save money, and the environment doesn’t have to pay (as badly) for my recreational hockey.  After my last game, a teammate sat in the locker room holding a wad of sock tape and asked aloud “I wonder how much sock tape we go through?” Her recognition of the problem has inspired me to try and see if I can actually start a movement: SAY NO TO SOCK TAPE.  And, lucky for me, I happen to have this lovely little platform to start such a movement.   Sock tape is one of the few pieces of equipment that has a sustainable and CHEAP alternative.  So I am issuing a challenge to my own team, the writers on this blog, your team, and everyone who plays hockey to stop using sock tape.  The ultimate goal would be to get the NHL to support this movement (so if you are an NHL player and reading this, your help would be greatly appreciated!) but let’s see how far we can spread this at a grassroots level.

As athletes, we rarely put sustainability over performance.  This is a rather arrogant stance, is it not? To say that it is okay to create infinite amounts of garbage because our fun (or hockey careers) is more important than the sustainability of the earth.  Is individual performance more valuable than the well being of everyone? We are asked to make small changes in our everyday life by turning the lights out, recycling, and carpooling, but I think our sporting endeavours often get a pass because it’s just the way it is and always has been.  Hockey tape is just part of the locker room ritual.  Re-taping the stick after each game is part of the ritual.  It adds up folks and it is time that environmental sustainability becomes part of the ritual.  The NHL launched a sustainability report this past July as part of its social responsibility programming.  It is, apparently, the first time that a national sports league in North America has created such a report.  It starts off by stating, “Perhaps more than any other sport, hockey is impacted by environmental issues, particularly climate change and freshwater scarcity.”  I don’t see anything about sock tape in there but there is certainly an emphasis on reduce, reuse, and recycle for NHL fans, whereas the league itself claims to focus on energy conservation, water waste, and its carbon footprint.  If the NHL is committed, at least on paper, to reducing waste then we should also do our part.

For those of you who don’t know what the alternative looks like, I have scouted out different kinds and sources for you below:

From these straps sell for $6.99:

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 1.32.25 PM

Also from, if you are Reebok loyal, these sell for $5.99:

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 1.35.33 PM

Also available from thehockeyshop, for $8.99 (Top Jock Senior Shin Pad Straps)

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 1.37.52 PM is currently sold out of their Reebok Sr. shin pad straps. Maybe this is a good sign? Because so many people are buying them?

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 3.48.21 PM

Anyways, you get the point – they exist, and they are inexpensive.  I have created a Facebook page to help try and spread the word.  So if you are committed to reducing your hockey footprint ‘like’ the page and tell us your team name, position and that you SAY NO TO SOCK TAPE!  Try and get your team and league involved.  And, if there are any graphic designers out there who would like to design a more snazzy SAY NO TO SOCK TAPE logo for me, that would be amazing!!! :)


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6 thoughts on “It’s time to say goodbye to sock tape!

  1. Personally I actually went the opposite direction; from shin pad straps to sock tape. Originally I thought, why spend the money on tape which gets thrown away after every game/practice when I can use shin pad straps basically forever for a one time cost. The problem I found with shin pad straps is that I could never get a proper fit; shin pad straps always felt too lose. When I tried sock tape, I could do a lot more to customize the fit and get the exact amount of tightness to make the fit feel as close to perfect as you can get with mass produced equipment. So I agree that there’s definitely a solution to the sock tape problem, however a new, reusable strap which is designed specifically to replace sock tape is needed in order to get the masses to say no to sock tape.

    • Hi Daryl! Thanks for commenting and I agree, shin pad straps don’t work for everyone. But I think the problem is most people don’t know that there is another option and/or haven’t given it a try. I only use the top strap and that is enough to keep my shin pads in place. I agree that a longer velcro strap that can substitute for the wrap around the way most players tape their pads would be ideal. Hopefully someone out there with some sewing skills and entrepreneurial prowess will read this and try to corner the market :)

  2. Hi Courtney and Daryl! Courtney I loved your post and Daryl I loved your reply. I know its been awhile since this went up but I just wanted to let you know its here! Superior Hockey invented the SH. SokStraps! ( Full disclosure, I am a representative) exactly because of everything you both have said here. Sock tape is a waste of garbage, it wastes time and it wastes money. and the products out there on the market now are cheap and don’t do a good job. Our product will last, it will stay in place it wont cut off circulation, it looks great is easy to put on and is customizable. Check out our website to learn more. We are launching a Kickstarter campaign and would love to send you both your first set of SH. SokStraps so you can say goodbye to sock tape forever!

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  4. That’s my families invention people don’t be hating my family legacy I don’t go and demean anyone else’s so don’t do it to mine

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