Weely Links: OHL players suspenced for social media misogyny; Nostalgia and the New York Islanders move to Brooklyn; An interview with Hilary Knight; Toronto Maple Leafs to play in China?; and more

  • Two OHL players, Greg Betzold and Jake Marchment, were suspended for 15 games each after their Tindr conversations with two women, which included a lot of abusive and misogynistic language, were made public. Sunaya Sapurji has a great article on the incident in light of the prevailing cultural attitudes in junior hockey. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Neate Sager’s piece on the incident is also worth reading. [Buzzing the Net]
  • Executives from the Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment group are exploring business opportunities in China. There’s also interest in China to host an NHL game there as soon as next season. [TSN]
  • An interview with women’s hockey superstar Hilary Knight. [The Pink Puck]
  • A really interesting look at issues of nostalgia and sense of place concerning the Islanders move from the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. [Thought Catalog]
  • Ashley March weighs in on mental illness in hockey, particularly for those countless forgotten players whose careers do not result in well-paid, secure NHL employment. [Canucks Army]

  • Roy MacGregor on the rising costs of hockey in Canada, and the rise of indoor rinks over outdoor pond hockey – and what new Hockey Canada leader Tom Renney can do about it. [Globe and Mail]
  • Some hockey history: a brief look at a British army unit who took up hockey during the post-WWI occupation of Germany. [puckstruck]
  • A good read from Steve Lepore on the rise of hockey analytics/advanced stats in the NHL. [Rolling Stone]
  • North American fans often casually mock adverts on European club team jerseys, but Reddit user Lindkvist15 gives an interesting overview to explain this phenomenon. [Reddit Hockey]
  • On a related note, ads may be coming to jersey soon in the NHL. [CBC]
  • Carter Ashton of the Toronto Maple Leafs has become the third NHL player all-time to be suspended under the NHL and NHLPA’s Performance Enhancing Substances Program. [Puck Daddy]
  • The NHL Department of Player Safety has made a number of hires of ex-players who were not exactly known for being safe players, Chris Pronger and Scott Stevens being the latest. Mark Spector explains the logic behind these hires and what they bring to the department. [Sportsnet]

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