Weekly Links: Voynov charged for domestic violence; Confronting racism in hockey; Ex-owner criticizes CHL’s treatment of junior players; Why the CHWL is great; and more

  • After an ongoing police investigation, the LA Kings’ Slava Voynov is being charged for violence against his spouse. [The Score]
  • Really interesting article by Rick Westhead about the treatment of CHL junior players after they leave hockey, as ex-owner Mario Forgione states that “players are a disposable commodity.” [TSN]
  • The new mascot for the WHL’s Prince Albert Raiders, which depicts a cartoonish Arab man, is drawing criticism. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Hockey players from racial or ethnic minorities are increasingly speaking out about the racist abuse that they face in the sport. A really important story to read. [CBC News]
  • Zoë Hayden has a great post on the CWHL’s appeal in contrast to the NHL. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]

  • Clare Austen has a strong post on fighting and how we, as a hockey community, choose to condone and celebrate it – but that this need not be the case. [Puckology]
  • The NHL responds to a lawsuit by former players that alleges the NHL did not try to protect them effectively from concussion risks, saying that the information available “should have allowed (players) to put two and two together.” [TSN]
  • A sad story and a cautionary tale for young hockey players, as Jack Johnson of the Columbus Blue Jackets declares bankruptcy after his parents took advantage of him to rack up huge debts and blow through most of his $20 million career earnings. [Puck Daddy]
  • Justin Rowan criticizes the NHL’s stated plan to introduce advertizements to team jerseys. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • A strong Canadian dollar has been a big driver of growth for the NHL, but now the Loonie’s value sliding relative to the US dollar will have repercussions for the league and its teams. [Canucks Army]
  • A new survey suggests that Canadian parents are spending on and going into debt for expensive activities, such as hockey, for their children rather than investing in education. [The Star]
  • As NCAA men’s hockey continues to grow in popularity, Arizona State is the latest university to introduce a program. Ryan Kennedy discusses what this means for the sport in the NCAA. [The Hockey News]
  • NCAA women’s hockey is also growing, with Montclair State having added a program that began this season. [Wired Jersey]

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