Weekly Links: Women’s hockey in Mexico and South Korea; Women in Sports Commentating; the Concussion lawsuit; Slava Fetisov and more…

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Photo from Canucks.com

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • Mexican Women’s Ice Hockey. Yup, you read that correctly. Ice hockey has gained cult status in Mexico City their women are picking up the game quickly! [Vice Sports]
  • And on across the Pacific, South Korean women’s hockey gets a boost from [Women’s Hockey Life]
  • Slava Fetisov wants to stop the migration of young Russians to the NHL.  He is pushing for a federal law that would keep Russia’s top players in Russia until the age of 28.  [Globe and Mail]
  • “Why wasn’t Cassie Campbell-Pascal offered an opportunity to sit among the men at the [Hockey Night in Canada] analytical desk?”  Andrew Forbes of The Hockey Writers discusses laddism in sports coverage. [The Hockey Writers]
  • Graham James, the hockey coach who abused players in the Western Hockey League is facing additional sexual assault charges. [Southwest Booster]
  • Well, if you missed all 8 episodes of W Network’s Hockey Wives, you can find a re-cap on Sportsnet.  It seems that the show has been re-newed for a second season *face desk* [Sportsnet]. The [Hockey News] also offers a few thoughts.
  • In concussion news, the NHL’s motion to dismiss a class-action lawsuit brought by former players over concussion-related injuries was largely rejected Wednesday by a federal judge, allowing the claims to move forward. [CBC News] and if you’re looking for more concussion discussion (hah!) check out this piece from [Puck Daddy].
  • Theo Fleury is at it again with another book, Conversations with a Rattlesnake.  This book seems to be a more nuanced discussion of the events that were covered in his first book, Playing with Fire. [Hockey News]
  • Lastly, for those of you who enjoyed Jay Baruchel’s last hockey movie, Goon, you will be pleased to know that there is a sequel coming out and slated for (probably) a late 2016 release date. [The Playlist]

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