Weekly Links: Patrick Kane updates; Ageing and goalies; NWHL news; the NHLPA and concussion research; and more

Photo from The Riveter Magazine.

Photo from The Riveter Magazine.

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • Catch up on all of the Patrick Kane rape allegation news and commentary: his day with the Stanley Cup from [The Chicago Tribune]; the power in supporting rape accusers [Pension Plan Puppets]; his removal from EA’s NHL 16 cover [Sportsnet]; and should the Blackhawks have done more to curb his bad-boy behaviour? [Daily Herald]
  • Big changes have come for the Leafs in the off season but what the team also needs is some change from Nazem Kadri. [Vice Sports]
  • Did you know: that this past season, only Roberto Luongo played more than 30 NHL games as a goalie over the age of 34. [In Goal Magazine] provides a great piece on the issue of ageing and goaltending.
  • Continuing with the goalie theme, the relevance of a good goalie coach seems to be the new trend in the NHL.  Strange, given that having a solid goalie isn’t a new revelation, but many teams have historically paid their development coach more than their goalie coach. [NHL.com]
  • If you don’t know of Toni McIntyre, you should! Check out her piece on the tensions that exist in being a female hockey fan/sports writer. As she says, “Sometimes I feel a bit like a goldfish swimming around in a bowl; in order to love this sport, I have to have a very short memory.” [The Riveter Magazine]
  • A good, reflective read on masculinity, hockey culture and violence against women. [Welcome to Your Karlsson Years]
  • Free agency for the NWHL is winding down and women’s hockey is on the edge of its seat waiting for the launch of this new professional league. Learn more from [The Cut]
  • The Vancouver Canucks recently hired scout Mike Addesa, who 25 years ago used the n-word against a player he coached, Graeme Townshend. This piece is a thoughtful reflection on Addesa’s limited efforts to apologize for this incident and the ongoing racism within hockey culture. [One Canuck]
  • The coaching rosters for the NWHL are now full with the last spots going to two-time Olympian, Shelley Looney and former NHL’er, Ric Seiling. [Today’s Slapshot]
  • The NHLPA is donating $500,000 to Western University’s (London, ON) concussions research. [The Hockey News]
  • And, just for fun (although it could also be read as a health take on masculinity), watch Kris Versteeg and Jason Demers dance to Sia’s Chandelier at Devin Setoguchi’s wedding. You won’t regret it. [For The Win]

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