Weekly Links: Canadians no longer dominate the NHL (in numbers); WHL institutes mandatory sexual assault training; Patrick O’Sullivan releases new book; and more.

Patick O'Sullivan's upcoming book. Photo from Harper Collins.

Patick O’Sullivan’s upcoming book. Photo from Harper Collins.

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • Well it may be “Canada’s game” figuratively, but in actual numbers, for the first time in the League’s 98 year history, Canadians no longer make up the majority of NHL players. [TSN]
  • The WHL is instituting mandatory training about sexual assault, but how beneficial their approach is another story. [Vice Sports]
  • If you are in a listening mood, you might want to check out this podcast that discusses the trials and tribulations that the NWHL may face as a new start-up league. [FiveThirtyEight]
  • Ever wonder what it’s like to be an official in the NHL? [Pacific Standard] interviewed veteran linesman, Scott Driscoll about life on the lines.
  • [Women’s Hockey Life] reflects on the need for more female coaches in hockey.
  • Hillary Knight talks about being comfortable in her own skin in the awesome [Bar Down] video. (Also the Slap Chopt video underneath is pretty amusing.)
  • Former NHL’er, Patrick O’Sullivan is releasing a book this week titled, “Breaking Away: A harrowing true story of resilience, courage, and triumph,” about his experiences as a victim of abuse. [Sportsnet]
  • Dr. David Mulder, who served as the chief surgeon for the Montreal Canadiens for 50 years, was recently honoured Montreal General Hospital by naming the trauma centre after Mulder. Mulder was the one who, notably, treated Max Pacioretty after the incident the scary 2011 incident with Zdeno Chara. [CTV News]
  • The Great One is venturing into the world of fashion with the release of his No.99 Wayne Gretzky Collection. Maybe you can’t play like Gretz, but I guess now you can dress like him? [Sports Illustrated]

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