Weekly Links: No criminal charges for Kane; State and provincial tax rates affect on NHLers’ salaries; Is the NHL ready for an openly gay player? and more

  • The Erie County DA will not be bringing charges against Patrick Kane, bringing an end to the criminal investigation of him. [TSN]
  • Meanwhile, this excellent collective post reflects on the accuser’s decision to withdraw from cooperating with the investigation, and the broad problem of sexual assault against women and the legal process around it. [SB Nation]
  • Patrick Burke, who was instrumental in founding You Can Play, says the NHL is ready to accept it first openly gay player. [TSN]
  • An interesting read about the impact of state and provincial tax rates on the decision of some players to play in certain NHL markets. [Spector’s Hockey]
  • Scott Wheeler has an update on the concussion lawsuit by former players against the NHL, including some scary stuff on Bernie Nicholls’ struggles since retiring from the NHL. [SB Nation]
  • Behind the scenes of the founding of the new women’s league, the NWHL. [Women’s Hockey Nation]
  • Erik Wollschlager takes a look at the experiences of referees and lineswomen in the NWHL. [Bonus Hockey]
  • The Arizona Coyotes’ saga of potential relocation may be coming to a conclusion, with the team looking as though it may relocate from Glendale while staying within the state. [Puck Daddy]

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