Weekly Links: HHOF 2015 Inductees; Smaller goalie equipment or bigger nets?; Puck dropping robots; and more

HHOF 2015 inductees. Photo from CBC.ca.

HHOF 2015 inductees. Photo from CBC.ca.

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • First on the docket, Hockey Hall of Fame inductions went to Angela Ruggerio, Chris Pronger, Nicklas Lidstrom, Phil Housely, and Sergei Federov. Hard to argue with any of those choices. [CBC]
  • Hockey doesn’t often make it into the Wall Street Journal but the women of the National Women’s Hockey League managed to catch their attention. [WSJ]
  • Greg Wyshnyski discusses the NHL’s reluctance to curb diving. [Pucky Daddy]
  • The Anaheim Ducks had an interested ceremonial face-off for Veteran’s Day. A bomb-detonating robot dropped the puck flanked by guys in full bomb squad gear. It makes for an interesting commentary on the marriage between militarism and sport. [Vice Sports]
  • Trinidad + Toronto + Hockey = ? The answer was obviously goalie coach, Sudarshan Maharaj! [Color of Hockey] provides us with another awesome spotlight piece on the contributions of “visible minorities” to the game of hockey.
  • Crosby wants smaller goalie pads but [Habs Eyes on the Prize] discuss the option of larger nets.  Personally, I think everything is okay as is…
  • Syl Apps (three-time Stanley Cup champ) and George Armstrong (four-time Cup raiser) have been added to the Maple Leaf’s Legends Row. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • When you have a League, you had better have a Players Association to go along with it! The NWHL just announced their NWHLPA representatives. To find out who they are, check out [NWHL].
  • Hockey player and hunter, Clayton Stoner, is entering a plea for his five charges of trophy hunting.[Metro News]
  • It’s not only the Missouri football team that has been exercising its collective power as a team, the Flint Firebirds walked out in solidarity with their coaches, after they were abruptly fired. [TSN]
  • When you want to grow the fastest game on earth, naturally you look toward the desert…and China. At least, that’s where Commissioner Bettman looks.  Following a successful broadcast agreement with CCTV, China’s primary sports channel, the game seems to be making progress in the world’s most populous nation. [Globe and Mail]

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