Weekly Links: A call to ban Aboriginal nicknames and logos; Sequel to “Goon” in production; NHL changes All-Star Game format; and more

Image from: http://twt-thumbs.washtimes.com/media/image/2012/06/12/20120612-191156-pic-36285704_c0-206-2471-1646_s561x327.jpg?2d546cc92011a77800553d6b076481052773a13e

Image from: washtimes.com

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • Justice Murray Sinclair, who oversaw Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission on the treatment of Aboriginals in Canada, spoke out against the use of Aboriginal and Native American nicknames and mascots in sports. [CTV News]
  • Meanwhile, in the US, the University of North Dakota’s teams will now be known as the Fighting Hawks. The university abandoned the name Fighting Sioux in 2012. [CBS Sports]
  • Disturbing news, as Los Angeles Kings prospect Patrik Bartosak is charged with multiple counts of assault against his girlfriend. [Puck Daddy]
  • A sequel to 2011 film Goon is in production, and will explore the declining influence of enforcers in hockey. [The Hockey News]
  • NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is making his owners rich, and getting rewarded for doing so. His salary for 2013-14 was a shade under $10 million. [Puck Daddy]
  • Speaking of salaries, an interesting look at NHL coaches’ salaries. [Hockey Graphs]
  • A story about Grace Graham, a Grade 12 girl who is playing for her New Brunswick high school’s boy’s hockey team. [CBC News]
  • The NHL is revamping its All-Star Game in 2016, changing to a 3-on-3 format in which they league’s four divisions will compete against each other for a prize of $1 million. [CBC Sports]
  • Veteran L.A. Kings’ beat-writer Helene Elliott has a simple message for the NHL if it considers reducing the size of nets: “Please, don’t do it.” [Los Angeles Times]
  • A really interesting read on the NHL’s introduction of advanced statistics on its website, the corporation it partnered with for the venture, and some of the many problems it has encountered since the launch in February. [Puck Daddy]
  • A work day in the life of Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek. An interesting insight into the job of studio host on Canada’s exclusive NHL broadcaster. [The Hockey Guys]

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