Weekly Links: CWHL and NWHL All-Star Games; Aboriginal involvement in hockey; KHL expansion in Europe; and more

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • In case you missed them, we had two new Hockey in Society posts this week. Courtney Szto wrote a critical analysis of the Pride Tape anti-homophobia initiative, while Alvin Ma reported on his observations from the second annual CWHL All-Star Game in Toronto.
  • There was much digital ink spilled about the CWHL and NWHL All-Star Games, both of which took place last weekend and are important showcase games in women’s hockey. Hannah Bevis and Kaitlin Cimini had good pieces on implications of the CWHL game in Toronto. [Along the Boards; Today’s Slapshot]
  • Meanwhile, Erik Wollschlager wrote about the meaning of the NWHL festivities in Buffalo to players and fans, while Melissa Kania used the event as an opportunity to reflect on the history and future development of the league. [Today’s Slapshot; The Victory Press]
  • A great look at the early historical development of women’s hockey, with a focus on Ottawa from the 1890s-1930s. [Bytown Museum Youth Council]
  • As the Buffalo Beauts compete in the NWHL’s inaugural season,
  • Spencer Chandra Herbert, a provincial legislature representative from Vancouver, is urging the Canucks to join the Pride Tape initiative. [Metro News]
  • An in-depth look at the Fort Dupont Ice Hockey Club, a largely Black youth hockey club in Washinton, DC. [HuffPost Sports]
  • A look at the contributions of the Mi’kmaq First Nation to the early development of hockey. [The Chronicle Herald]
  • And another interesting piece, this by Sam Riches, on Aboriginals’ involvement in hockey and the barriers they face in the sport. [Pacific Standard]
  • The KHL is once again eyeing expansion into Europe, with teams in England, Sweden and Estonia a possibility. [One Puck Short]
  • A call for the NHL to do more when it comes to concussion prevention. [Habs Eyes on the Prize]
  • An interesting look at the growth of hockey fandom in Tampa Bay, with the growing popularity of the Lightning. [SB Nation]
  • With John Scott set to play at the 2016 NHL All-Star Game, following a humorous fan vote process and then a heavy-handed NHL response, Dave Lozo looks at other “unlikely all-stars” from previous games. [VICE Sports]
  • Shawn Horcoff of the Dallas Stars has been suspended 20 games for taking performance enhancing drugs. [Puck Daddy]
  • A nice moment of sportsmanship by a peewee player in Vernon, BC (preceded by some immature coaching antics). [InfoNews.ca]

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