Weekly Links: Mi’Kmaq documentary on hockey; Rebecca Russell first female coach of men’s provincial team; GTHL xenophobia? and more.

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Photo from Molson Canadian’s Twitter account.

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • Who invented hockey? A new documentary is trying to make the case that the Mi’Kmaq (Canadian First Nations group) were the first to play hockey as we know it. [Global News]
  • Tyler Boston talks about the difficulties of trying to balance school and a career in the OHL. [Vice Sports]
  • Rebecca Russell was named the new head coach of the Clarenville Caribous men’s senior hockey team. The reactions to a female head coach were disappointing, to say the least. [Female Coach Network] [CBC]
  • Bob McKenzie wrote a great piece reflecting on the kind of taunts the Sedin brothers have had to face their entire career. [TSN] And, John Garrett puts his own thoughts in writing as well. [Canucks.com]
  • Molson Canadian is at it again with their #AnythingForHockey contest. This time, the rink can be found on top of a Toronto skyscraper [Sportsnet], and one writer from [Pension Plan Puppets] was fortunate enough to get to play on Molson’s rink, 30 stories up!
  • Ever wondered who the power elite of men’s professional hockey are? Here are the top 25 “power brokers” according to John Shannon. [Sportsnet]
  • A SUNY Geneseo hockey player was stabbed to death in a murder-suicide. [Vice Sports] [The Hockey News]
  • Here’s another good one from [The Player’s Tribune]. This one is written by Ryan Whitney about his time in the KHL.
  • The Canadian dollar and tanking and do you know who is happy about that? NHL’ers living in Canada being paid in Greenbacks. [The Globe and Mail]
  • Scotiabank will be hosting the 8th Annual Girl’s Hockeyfest in Calgary, Brandon, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Ottawa.  Cassie Campbell-Pascall and some of the University of Calgary Dinos will take part in the Calgary festivities. [Calgary Sun]
  • After getting knocked out COLD in a fight on Tuesday night, Brian McGratten seems A-OK with the risks of being an enforcer [Puck Daddy]. McGratten’s feelings are in stark opposition to former Pittsburgh Steeler, Antwaan Randel El who just stated that his current post-concussion issues make him wish that he never played football. [Pittsburgh Post Gazette]
  • The Greater Toronto Hockey League wants to keep things “Canadian” by preventing foreign-born players into the system. [Buzzing the Net] [TSN]
  • Ever wonder where the term “hat trick” comes from? [Last Word on Sports] has a little sports history for you.
  • Red Bull is trying to make a name for itself in the world of hockey.  They have created an academy “that is basically…Notre Dame on steroids.” [Last Word on Sports]
  • John Scott has been in the news more this week than his entire career. Here are Ron MacLean’s thoughts on the “Scott Debacle”. [Hometown Hockey]
  • [The Victory Press] provides an in depth look at what it really means to “grow” the women’s game.
  • The state of Massachusetts is trying to pass two bills to protect transgender rights in public spaces and the Bruins, along with the Patriots and Celtics, are supporting this legislation. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • Yesterday a new sexual assault allegation came out on Imgur against Patrick Kane. It does not seem that charges come with the accusation; however, it is included here as a development in the hockey world left for your interpretations (not unlike all the pieces above). *Trigger Warning: Graphic Details* [Imgur]

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