Weekly Links: A response to Andrew Shaw’s homophic slur; NWHL facing a lawsuit; NHL playoff ratings way down in Canada; and more

  • After Andrew Shaw of the Chicago Blackhawks was suspended for using a gay sluron the ice, gay Chicago sports reporter Chris Hine urges people not to condemn Shaw, but instead to examine the culture in which his actions took place. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Bad news for Rogers Sportsnet in the second year of its 12-year, $5.2 billion deal with the NHL: with no Canadian teams in the playoffs, ratings have dropped 61% compared to last season. [The Hockey News]
  • A leaked document shows an investor in starting up the NWHL is demanding his money back, which may lead to a lawsuit against the league and its commissioner, Dani Rylan. [Excelle Sports]
  • Zoë Hayden and Jen Neale offer their interpretations of this incident, which comes on the heels of the NWHL’s first season of competition. [Victory Press; Puck Daddy]
  • Hockey Edmonton is “proposing a non-body checking program at the Bantam level, where players are aged 13 and 14” in order to curtail player injuries. [Global News]
  • It looks like Las Vegas will be getting an expansion NHL team, but Quebec City’s bid is not looking promising. [Globe and Mail]
  • An investigation reveals that Canadian philanthropic sport charities, including those affiliated with Canadian NHL teams like the Toronto Maple Leafs and Vancouver Canucks, may not be operating effectively as charities due to their high spending on fundraising and administration costs. [The Star]
  • A look at the Oxford University Ice Hockey Club, which has featured heavy Canadian influence since its founding in 1885 and was influential in the spread of hockey in Europe. [Historica Canada]
  • South Korea is ramping up its men’s hockey program in advance of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics by giving citizenship to Canadian pros who will help the team during the competition. [Puck Daddy]
  • Meanwhile, the IOC has stated that it will not pay the costs to send NHL players to the Olympic Games, instead placing that burden on the NHL and the IIHF. This is potentially a major roadblock to NHL participation at the 2018 Games and beyond. [Puck Daddy]
  • Springfield, MA is a historic AHL, yet may be losing its team as the Phoenix Coyotes seek to bring their farm team closer to Arizona. This is part of a broader trend of historic AHL franchises leaving the cities they have called home for decades. [The Hockey News]
  • The NWHL’s Connecticut Whale is attempting to grow girls’ hockey by offering hockey camps to local girls. [Chelsea Pier]

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