Weekly Links: #MoreThanMean; Trottier inducted to Sport HOF; new documentary on enforcers; and more


Photo from DCD Productions.

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • First up, it’s not exactly hockey related, but it’s also not unrelated. [Just Not Sports] put together a powerful PSA this week regarding the online harassment that female sports journalists face on a daily basis. Julie DiCaro, one of the journalists who reported on the Patrick Kane rape allegations, and Sarah Spain have their “mean tweets” read to them and things get uncomfortable really quickly. #MoreThanMean
  • Apparently there is no bro-mance between Drew Doughty and Logan Couture. [Puck Daddy]
  • Six-time Stanley Cup champion, Brian Trottier has been inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame. [CBC]
  • Elite Prospects has added women’s hockey transactions to their site. It’s an important advancement given that there is an overall lack of sites providing access to women’s hockey statistics. [The Hockey Writers]
  • There is a new documentary coming out this spring about the role of the complicated role of the enforcer. Learn more about the film and watch the trailer at [Ice Guardians]
  • You might have seen this one making the rounds, where, through the joys of Twitter, we are able to witness someone falling in love with hockey in real time. [SB Nation]
  • Last we shared news about the lawsuit filed by NWHL co-founder Mike Moran. Here’s an update from [Excelle Sports]
  • [Stanley Cup of Chowder] is running a series of posts written by NWHL free agent, Tatiana Rafter. Check out her first post, “How I became a pro hockey player.”
  • CBC Docs and CBC Sports has put together a series of videos featuring the world of Walter Gretzky, aptly named “Wally’s World”. [CBC]
  • Itching for more women’s hockey news? Check out “She Shoots She Scores”, a new podcast focused entirely on women’s hockey. [Habs Eyes on the Prize]
  • The Color of Hockey has a two part series on the increasing diversity of the NHL entry draft. Here is [Part 1] and [Part 2]
  • In Canada, the Hockey Night in Canada Punjabi broadcast is flourishing and in Florida they have now added a Spanish broadcast! [Sportsnet]
  • Blind Hockey is slowly getting more attention and the Halton School District in Ontario is doing their best to help the cause along. [Inside Halton]
  • 100 years after it was opened, Kenesky’s iconic hockey store in Hamilton, Ontario has been demolished. [CBC]
  • Here’s an update on the proposed Calgary Flames sports district. [Flames Nation]
  • With the Islanders doing well in the playoffs people are finally flocking to the new Barclays Center. [New York Times]
  • If you looking for a summer vacation considering registering to attend The Hockey Conference in Fredericton, New Brunswick on July 6 & 7th. Come listen to current academic research, hear from former NHL coach Mike Johnston, NWHL representatives, and maybe drop in on some of the coaching sessions. [The Hockey Conference]

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