Weekly Links: World Cup hockey cards; Bauer under investigation; new analytics tech; and more


The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • For all you hockey card collectors, the Upper Deck is creating a set specifically for the World Cup of Hockey. [Yahoo Sports]
  • ICYMI, last week ESPN broadcaster, John Saunders passed away. [The Color of Hockey]
  • Check out a podcast with Adam Scorgie, producer of the upcoming documentary on hockey enforcers, Ice Guardians. [The 4th Line]
  • Tatiana Rafter, of the Buffalo Beauts, talks about being a hockey player and role model for young girls. [Stanley Cup of Chowder]
  • Dorottya Medgyes will be the first Hungarian to play NCAA Div 1 hockey for the University of North Dakota this fall. Read about her journey to the NCAA. [Women’s Hockey Life]
  • Here is a history of the hockey sweater/jersey starting from the early Eaton’s catalogue days. [Last Word on Sports]
  • Some troubling news about the owner of Bauer hockey involving allegations of falsified financial statements and other corporate manipulations. [TSN]
  • If you are an analytics junkie then you will be pleased to hear that the World Cup of Hockey will be using a player-tracking technology to help “tell the stories around what’s happening in the game.” [Yahoo Sports]
  • [CBC] reports a hockey monopoly taking place in Thunder Bay, Ontario for girl’s hockey.
  • Nathan Gerbe is the most recent NHL’er to pen a piece for the [Player’s Tribune], where he talks about making it in the big leagues as a small player.

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