Weekly Links: Ovechkin gets hitched; Meldonium banned by NHL; Edmonton stadium drama; and more


Rogers Place in downtown Edmonton. Photo from the Edmonton Journal.

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • Well Ovi might not have a Cup but he has a ring now! Ovechkin had a small ceremony and broke the news to everyone via Instagram. [CBC]
  • Edmonton’s new arena is set to open soon but the city wonders if the Oilers organization has done enough to support its most disenfranchised. [CBC] [Edmonton Journal]
  • Devils prospect and former Windsor Spitfire, Ben Johnson, has been found guilty of a sexual assault case dating back to 2013. The Devils are terminating his contract. [Puck Daddy]
  • [The Hockey News] has come up with a list of the NHL’s five more “memorable” gimmicks from the 90s. See if you agree.
  • Don Cherry chimed in on the Colin Kaepernick debate that has taken over sports news these days. *Spoiler Alert* His response is what one would expect of Grapes. [Vice Sports]
  • ICYMI, last week the trailer dropped for the much awaited hockey documentary, Ice Guardians. [The Hockey News] previews the film as does our very own contributor, Dr. Victoria Silverwood [Hockey in Society].
  • Here’s one we missed from [The Color of Hockey] about the Anaheim Ducks new goaltending coach, Sudarshan Maharaj.
  • Bernie Nicholls speaks to [Puck Daddy] about the class action against the NHL and life with post-concussion consequences.
  • The NHL has added meldonium to its list of banned substances. What might this mean for the Russian players? [Vice Sports]
  • At age 32, Claudia Tellez is the first Mexican player to suit up in the CWHL. [The Hockey Writers]
  • Sheldon Kennedy speaks out about the lasting effects of being sexually abused by Graham James. [Yahoo Sports]
  • A Syrian refugee who lost his leg before coming to Canada has adapted to life in his new country by taking up sledge hockey. [CBC]
  • The hockey world lost Al Arbour a year ago but his memory remains strong. [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Great piece by Sarah Hall discussing the difficulties that still exist in coming out for LGBTQ athletes. [The Blogger’s Tribune]
  • On the lighter side, Gongshow put together an entertaining video of “Things Hockey Players Don’t Say”. [Bar Down]

One thought on “Weekly Links: Ovechkin gets hitched; Meldonium banned by NHL; Edmonton stadium drama; and more

  1. I just want to a game at Rogers Place and it is an awesome ice rink. I am an avid hockey fan but also a fan of business entrepreneurs like Daryl Katx . He paid $200 million for the Edmonton Oilers in 2008 and he is currently working to refocus his efforts to build Canada’s largest mixed use-sports and entertainment district. He is by far one of the most successful businessmen in North America. I am looking forward to seeing how he helps to take this team to the next level.

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