Weekly Links: Bryan Bickell diagnosed with MS; Coyotes eyeing new arena; UAE viral hockey star


Fatima Al Ali of the Abu Dhabi Storm.

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • Bryan Bickell or the Carolina Hurricanes has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. [Vice Sports]
  • Former Vancouver Canuck, Brent Sopel, has decided to go back to school despite difficulties with dyslexia. [Daily Hive]
  • The Arizona Coyotes have announced plans for a new stadium. [NHL]
  • Peter Bondra posted this awesome video of a young woman, Fatima Al Ali (with sick mittens), who plays for the United Arab Emirates National hockey team and it has gone viral. [Excelle Sports]
  • The Hockey Night in Punjabi team also got a visit from HBO Real Sports: https://twitter.com/HarpPandher/status/797641875322613764
  • Jack Johnson has settled his bankruptcy case to the tune of $9 million. [The Score]
  • Katie Crowley, Courtney Kennedy, and Gillian Apps are making a name for women behind the bench at Boston College. [Boston Globe]
  • This one is for all the hockey mom’s out there, “Ode to the Den Mom”. [Hockey Now]
  • Tom Hunter calls out the Hockey Hall of Fame for its lack of transparency and lack of female inductees. [The Blogger’s Tribune]
  • Former NHL’ers, Michael Petit and Steve Payne tell their personal stories about concussions ending their careers. [Vice Sports] In a similar vein, the NHL will to discuss a reduction in head shots. [Sportsnet]
  • Canadian Olympic star, Marie-Philip Poulin has joined the McGill coaching team. [McGill Athletics]
  • A team in Calgary is trying to create a safe environment for gay hockey players. [CBC]
  • The KHL has been all about expansion but it is realizing that expansion comes with a lot of financial responsibility. [TSN]
  • Eric Lindros will be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame with his concussion legacy as an important part of that memory. [Yahoo Sports]
  • NCAA college recruiting is a tough business, so much so that it has become its own arms race. [The Hockey News]
  • If you are a Simpsons or Gretzky fan, tune in to the December 4th episode where The Great One will make his mark as the first hockey player to lend his voice to the long running show. [NHL]
  • The NWHL has announced that it will have to cut player salaries in order to stay afloat. [SB Nation]

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