Weekly Links: Mike Bossy’s letter to himself; Khaira & Gill on Hockey Night Punjabi; You Can Play 5k; and more


The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media.

  • Perhaps the hottest hockey piece circulating this week was Mike Bossy’s letter to his younger self for [The Player’s Tribune].
  • President Trump has pulled out of the Paris Accord and “Captain Serious” (aka Jonathan Toews) had something to say about that decision. [Second City Hockey]
  • A federal judge has dismissed the wrongful death lawsuit filed by Derek Boogaard’s parents against the NHL. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Ever wonder what it’s like to be in an NHL combine? Reid Duke wrote an open letter to NHL prospects to help prepare them for the process. [NHL]
  • Eric Lindros is campaigning to eliminate body checking from minor hockey unless they are playing Triple A hockey. [Toronto Star]
  • Here’s some commentary on the “honour” still attached to fighting in hockey. [AZ Central]
  • Up-and-comer Jujhar Khaira stopped by the Hockey Night in Punjabi studios this week to chat about his first NHL goal and playing with Connor McDavid.

  • Penguin’s prospect, Sahir Gill, was also featured on Hockey Night Punjabi this week:

  • Have you noticed the Chinese language advertising on the Penguin’s rinkside boards? It’s a small sign of China’s interest in NHL hockey and Stanley Cup fever! [Toronto Star]
  • Russia can’t seem to get out of the headlines these days. The offices of Dynamo Moscow were recently raided as part of the KHL’s ongoing financial woes. [NY Daily News]
  • [Color of Hockey] released its 2016-2017 All-Star team with none other than Auston Matthews leading the way.
  • Lastly, our very own Dr. Cheryl MacDonald got some screen time to talk about the You Can Play 5K taking place on August 20th in Moncton, New Brunswick this summer.



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