Links Round-Up: “Tiger” Williams charged with sexual assault and assault; UAE women’s national team visits D.C.; concussions in women’s ice hockey; and more


Women from the Baker Hutterite Colony in Manitoba dress for a game. Photo from CBC.

Formerly known as “Weekly Links,” our round-up of important and interesting pieces from the hockey blogosphere and media will now appear twice a month.

  • Former Toronto Maple Leaf, Dave “Tiger” Williams has been charged with sexual assault and assault by the Canadian Forces National Investigation Service. [Global News]
  • An all-black hockey game was recently held in Halifax, Nova Scotia to commemorate the Coloured Hockey League of the Maritimes. [Caribbean Camera]
  • Women from Manitoba’s Baker Hutterite Colony held their 4th annual hockey match coupled with a clothing drive for refugees. [CBC]
  • As part of Hockey is for Everyone month, the Washington Capitals continued their ongoing relationship with women’s hockey in the United Arab Emirates by inviting the entire national team to D.C.:

  • The International Olympic Committee (IOC) took issue with the Statue of Liberty images featured on the helmets of both Nicole Hensley and Alex Rigsby (goaltenders for the US Women’s Olympic team) because they could be interpreted as political symbols. However, before their first game the IOC decided to allow the women to keep their helmets as is. [USA Today]
  • This is the first Winter Olympics to have three women has head coaches for national squads: Canada, Korea, and Switzerland. [Globe and Mail]
  • Canucks back-up goalie, Anders Nilsson, has been named “Hetero of the Year” in Sweden for being a proud LGBTQ ally. [Daily Hive]
  • Angela Ruggiero and Elana Meyers have also committed to donating their brains to the Concussion Legacy Foundation to help advance CTE research. [Concussion Foundation] Meanwhile, Vox released a short video questioning the gendered differences in concussion reporting:

  • The South Korean men’s Olympic hockey team has a handful of “foreign imports” on their PyeongChang roster. Here’s Mike Testwuide talking about what it is like to be part of team South Korea. [The Ringer]
  • We often feature pieces in our Links Round-up from The Color of Hockey but this one is about the founder of the blog, William G. Douglas. [New York Times]
  • And a couple of tweets to chew on:


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