Links Round-Up: Mid-May


Sammy Davis, 1st overall NWHL pick and Doctor of Occupational Therapy student               (Photo: Rich Gagnon, BU Athletics)

The links round-up post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. The NHL continues to plot on its return, but other things continue around the hockey world:

  • The CHL settled the class-action lawsuit against it for not paying minimum wage at a mere 16% of what the players were seeking. Since the lawsuit was filed, every province and state the league operates it exempted CHL players from employment standards statutes. [Elliotte Friedman, Sportsnet]
  • PWHPA board member Liz Knox joined The End of Sport podcast to discuss the PWHPA’s approach to labour action. [The End of Sport]
  • Boston Pride 1st overall NWHL pick Sammy Davis will both play hockey and begin her doctorate in occupational therapy next year. [Jenna Ciccotelli,]
  • NHL 20 has a racism problem online. Will EA Sports fix this? [Patrick Johnston, The Province]
  • Former NHLers Spencer Foo, Brandon Yip, and Victor Bartley are among the North Americans seeking spots on China’s 2022 Olympic Men’s Hockey Team. [William Douglas,]
  • “The Victory Press spoke to several former NWHL players representing four of the league’s teams about the working conditions they experienced during their time in the league through the 2018-19 season. Their combined experiences paint a picture of a league that struggled to meet its workers’ basic needs” The Victory Press covered NWHL working conditions in the 18-19 season. [Melissa Burgess, Kirsten Whelan, Zoë Hayden, The Victory Press]
  • Anya Packer, the director of the NWHLPA, responded that the PA has worked hard to resolve the complaints in the Victory Press article. [Anya Packer, Twitter]
  • Colorado Avalanche forward Colin Wilson, in an interview with BarDown, said “I just don’t have it in me [to play with Pride Tape] just cannot get chirped by my own teammates and the other team and still try to play a game.” Hemal Jhaveri analyzes how this expose deep-rooted problems with the NHL. [USA Today]

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