Weekly Links: The decline of NHL fighting; Maple Leafs’ 13-year sellout streak ends; Ending public subsidies of arenas; and more

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • An interesting look at how NHL culture is shifting and how this is contributing to a decline in fighting and the enforcer role. [Globe and Mail]
  • Rick Westhead reports that a group of former players suing the NHL over concussions is also calling for the deposition of commissioner Gary Bettman. [TSN]
  • Not a hockey-specific article, but a relevant one regardless: US President Obama is proposing to end public subsidies to pro sport stadiums, a practice that has seen billions of taxpayer dollars contributed to for-profit sport franchises. [Slate]
  • Joe Pelletier looks at what lies ahead for Lanny McDonald in his new role of Chair of the Board of the Hockey Hall of Fame. Will we finally see a female representative on the Board? [Greatest Hockey Legends]
  • The Toronto Maple Leafs’ on-ice futility is finally hurting its pocketbook – the team drew 18,366 fans to a game on Monday, the first time in 13 years that it has failed to sell out a game. Still, most teams would settle on 18,366 attendees. I think the Leafs’ bankers will be just fine. [The Score]
  • With the Maple Leafs struggling, Hockey Night in Canada has chosen to feature other Canadian teams during its marquee Saturday night prime time slot. [Eh Game]
  • Hockey is known to be very culturally conservative when it comes to rule or style changes, yet the sport (and many others) have historically undergone significant rule changes that we now accept as part of the game. An interesting historical look at some of these changes, not only in hockey but also football, basketball and baseball. [TSN]
  • A former player, who never reached the NHL, reflects on his life in hockey. [Dear Hockey, Goodbye]
  • Another reflection on the life of Matthew Wuest and the contribution he made to NHL fandom and media with the website Cap Geek. [The Faceoff Circle]
  • A Newfoundland junior team forfeited a decisive playoff match due to the actions of an abusive fan. [Buzzing the Net]

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