Weekly Links: Teaching hockey in China; hockey films at TIFF; the NHL and sexual assault; and more


Some of the Boston Bruins running off-ice training in China. Photo from the Boston Bruins.

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • Every once and awhile [The Player’s Tribune] does one of these “this is how we play hockey in [insert country here]” and this time is Switzerland’s turn. If you’ve never read one of these pieces I suggest reading a couple of them in a row and it gives you some insight into how nationalism manifests on the ice. Here are the pieces on [Sweden], [Russia], and [America].
  • With the Arizona Coyotes hiring Dawn Braid as a member of its coaching staff, [Habs Eyes on the Prize] ponders what this move means the future of women in hockey.
  • With the KHL expanding in to China it will be interesting to see how the nation takes to the sport. Matt Belesky tells us about his experience teaching hockey in China. [Player’s Tribune]
  • TIFF seems like THE place to debut a hockey movie if you’ve got one. “Hello Destroyer” is a dark fiction about a fourth-liner trying to find his place in the game [The Hockey News]. And, ICYMI “Ice Guardians” is also making the rounds at TIFF and a number of other festivals. [The Hockey News]
  • Fans are pleading with the NHL to be a leader on domestic violence and sexual assault cases. Here are what some Leafs fans had to say to their team. [Pension Plan Puppets]
  • A sad incident from a Czech minor hockey game, where a referee died as a result of being hit in the head with a puck. [Yahoo Sports]
  • Will any NHL’ers join in Colin Kaepernick’s Black Lives Matter protest? We will be exploring the issue on our blog soon but here is a take from [The Hockey News]

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