Weekly Links: Harnarayan Singh makes history; Koelzer and Nurse talk diversity and women’s hockey; and more


Kelsey Koelzer. Photo from Princeton Tigers.

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • Leading us off, is a [New York Times] piece about Kelsey Koelzer and Sarah Nurse who are inspiring more diversity in women’s hockey.
  • HNIC Punjabi’s Harnarayan Singh became the first Sikh to join Sportsnet’s Wednesday night hockey broadcast this week. [Sportsnet] [Vice Sports]
  • Garrett Sparks got in a bit of trouble last week with the Leafs organization. Learn why and see if you agree with the punishment…[Vice Sports]
  • The NWHL wrote a highlight piece on Harrison Browne, the first openly transgender player in North American team sports. [NWHL]
  • A Chicago outlet released a really questionable piece about the “redemption” of Patrick Kane this week. Here is the response from Zoe Claire, editor at The Victory Press:

  • The WHL’s Saskatoon Blades have instituted a no cell phone policy for the team in the hopes that no phones will mean more wins. [Vice Sports]
  • Some have questioned the NWHL popping up to compete with the CWHL and now running out of funds to pay their players as promised but [Fan Rag Sports] makes a case for the much needed competition in women’s hockey.
  • Speaking of league rivalries, is the KHL still seen as competition for the NHL? It doesn’t seem like the top Russian players have a tough choice to make. [National Post]
  • A minor hockey coach in Quebec has been fired after punishing his PeeWee team for a loss. [Yahoo Sports]
  • ICYMI, Japan’s Space World theme park is in some heat for freezing fish into an ice rink. [Puck Daddy]
  • Finally, our very own Zuzana Botikova spoke about the legacy of Slovakian players in the Hockey Hall of Fame. [Slovakian International Radio]

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