Weekly Links: HIFE concludes; the Hartford Whalers are back?; Hockey parents gone wild; and more


Eddie Lack dedicated his shutout earlier this month to equality. Photo from the NHL.

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • ICYMI, we had three new features this week: Brett Pardy wrote about the NHL’s Hockey Talks initiative for mental health [Talking About Hockey Talks], Matt Ventresca talks about the problem of turning away from subjective science with regard to concussions [Can Technology Alone Solve the Concussion Crisis?], and Cheryl MacDonald offered some reflections on You Can Play efforts this past month [Pride Tape and NHL You Can Play Nights].
  • A hockey player allergic to ice? It is an unfortunate reality for NCAA goalie, Chris Truehl. [Vice Sports]
  • University of British Columbia women’s goalie, Laura Taylor took her own life in April 2016 as a result of her struggles with mental health issues. Last month, the University retired her jersey. [University Affairs]
  • The fight for minimum wages in the CHL continues with team financial information being released. [TSN]
  • Hockey is For Everyone month just wrapped up but did every team embrace inclusion equally? Travis Hughes feels like his Flyers dropped the ball, especially compared to a team like the Capitals [Broadstreet Hockey]. Trevor van Reimsdyk talked about how small demonstrations of inclusion can amount to bigger change [For the Win]. You Can Play, Executive Director, Wade Davis also spoke about inclusion in the NHL. [For the Win]
  • Another story of hockey parents gone wild. So wild, in fact, that the referees chose to hide until the police arrived on scene. [CTV News]
  • We’ve highlighted the growth of hockey in Northern India a few times on Hockey in Society and now there’s a movie to help tell the story, particularly of women’s hockey. Check out this review of Thin Ice. [Puck Junk]
  • Accordingly, amidst growing tensions between American and Russian politics, so too do the tensions/speculations/suspicions between the NHL and KHL grow. [Vice Sports]
  • If you were a Hartford Whalers fan you will be pleased to know that there is a chance the team will be revived. [Vice Sports]
  • South Korea is gearing up for the 2018 Olympics but they are having a hard time finding enough Korean players to represent the nation. [The New York Times]
  • The Toronto Star produced a feature about the CWHL’s Toronto Furies:

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