Changing on the Fly: Exploring multiculturalism, citizenship, and hockey

As part of a storytelling contest I put together a three minute video summarizing my doctoral research on South Asian experiences in hockey.  While it is impossible to fully explain a project that is four years in the making, I wanted to focus on the tensions that exist between hockey and Canadian multiculturalism. You might notice that there is no actual data in this video because when the submissions were due I was still trying to make sense of all the data I had collected. But at this point I have a much better idea of what the end product will look like so I can provide a little preview with some working chapter titles:

  • Setting the Stage: Hockey, South Asians, and Canada
  • Narratives from the Screen: Media and Cultural Citizenship
  • White Spaces, Difference Faces: Racialized difference at the rink
  • Racial Taunts or Just “Chirping”?: The reluctance to name racism and the need for evidence
  • Hockey Hurdles and Resilient Subjects
  • Racialized Money and White Fragility: Class and resentment in ice hockey
  • Etched in Ice: Public memory and Canadian hockey

Enjoy my low budget film making!

You can also check out the other contestants HERE.


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