Weekly Links: Crosby and Concussions; Putin’s Pre-Game Interview; Bathroom controversy; and more


Photo from Vice Sports.

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media.

  • ICYMI: I took Elliotte Friedman to task about some concussion research he was promoting on Hockey Night in Canada. He also responded in the comments section of the article. [The Dangerous Partial Truth about Concussions]
  • In Game 6 between the Pens and Caps Crosby was again the centre of controversy when he took a bit hit into the end boards and was allowed to stay in the game. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Oilers were under heat this past week for converting some of the women’s bathrooms in the stadium into men’s rooms to alleviate some of the bathroom lines…[The Cut] [The Guardian]
  • Here’s an interview with Craig Muni, former Stanley Cup champ and current coach of the Buffalo Beauts, about the struggle that is women’s hockey. [Fan Rag]
  • Vladimir Putin likes playing hockey (probably because no one checks him) and he was asked about his thoughts about the firing of FBI Director James Comey before he stepped on the ice. [Vice Sports]
  • Flyers winger, Pierre Edouard Bellemare, received the Player of the Game award for France but he decided that he was not the appropriate recipient… [Color of Hockey]
  • Check out Rebecca Johnston’s Olympic off-season workout:

  • This podcast is from a few weeks ago but Dave Zirin chats with Hillary Knight right after the USWNT won their labour strike. [Edge of Sports]
  • Here’s an interview with Melodie Daost, Canadian Olympic gold medalist and soon to be McGill University alumni. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Laura Schuler was announced as the next Team Canada women’s head coach. [The Ice Garden]

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