Links Round-Up: Boynton and Carcillo speak out; Black hockey fandom; UND women launch discrimination lawsuit; and more


Devante Smith-Pelly. Photo from

Formerly known as “Weekly Links,” our round-up of important and interesting pieces from the hockey blogosphere and media will now appear twice a month.

  • There’s plenty of commentary floating around about the Capitals’ win and celebration but here’s one focusing on the significance of carving Devante Smith-Pelly’s name into Lord Stanley’s Cup [The Undefeated]. In other DSP news, we already know that he will not be visiting the White House if an invitation is extended (and given the photo circulating with Ivanka Trump and the Cup we know it will be). [ESPN]
  • Former NHL’ers Nick Boynton and Dan Carcillo have turned to The Player’s Tribune to talk about surviving life post-hockey and post-concussions. Neither pulls any punches by stating that their NHL careers were not worth the health concerns they face today. Read Boynton’s piece [here] and watch Carillo’s clip below:







  • An Indigenous junior hockey team recently experienced overt racism while competing in Quebec further highlighting the gaps in Canada’s multicultural facade. [Montreal Gazette]
  • “Why hockey players don’t say ‘I’,” seems like exactly the kind of piece that someone at Hockey in Society should be unpacking *hint hint nudge nudge*. [ESPN]
  • The University of North Dakota’s women’s team filed a discrimination lawsuit against their university in the hopes of having their program re-instated. []
  • Great photo of super fan and super stickhandler, Fatima Ali, with Kuznetzov and Orlov:




  • Marc-Andre Fleury seems to be taking the playoff loss in stride since he was playing street hockey with some local kids. [Bar Down]
  • According to recent research conducted by the NCAA, binge-drinking rates are highest among lacrosse and hockey players. [NCAA]
  • Slava Voynov wants back into the NHL but here’s a reminder of why he was out in the first place:


  • In CWHL news, 2-time Olympic Gold medalist, Sami-Jo Small has been tapped to be the General Manager of the Toronto Furies. [CWHL]
  • Great piece on black hockey fandom and the role that Devante Smith-Pelly plays in drawing in a different fan base. [The Undefeated]
  • A quick highlight piece on Valerie Drummond who has made a real impact on hockey culture in the Yukon. She is still playing at 71 years-young. [CARHA]
  • The Olympic channel will be airing a documentary on the historic North + South Korean women’s Olympic team from Pyeongchang. [Color of Hockey]
  • Courtney Szto was fortunate enough to get a few minutes of air time on the Burn It All Down podcast this past week to help wrap-up the playoffs and talk a bit about diversity in the game:


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