Links Round-up: Indigenous players excelling despite discrimination; Celebrating the career of Caroline Ouellette; New podcast on social issues in hockey; and more

Formerly known as “Weekly Links,” our round-up of important and interesting pieces from the hockey blogosphere and media now appears every 2-4 weeks.

  • There have been some excellent posts on this blog in the past few weeks. If you haven’t done so, please check out Cheryl Macdonald and Courtney Szto’s writing on teaching about gender identity to youth hockey players, Brett Pardy’s piece on the moral panic around video gaming among young NHL players, and Kelley Lee Gilmore’s guest post about the inclusion of 55+ women’s hockey at the BC Games.
  • Aaron Lakoff has launched a new podcast called Changing On the Fly, which tackles social and political issues in hockey. The first episode was released this week, focusing on hockey in Indigenous communities, including its complex role at residential schools and the re-appropriation of Indigenous mascots. [Changing on the Fly]



  • Jocelyn Laroque of the CWHL’s Markham Thunder has been named a 2018 Tom Longboat Award recipient, a major award recognizing Indigenous athletic achievement in Canada. [@ThunderCWHL; Wind Speaker]
  • Kyle Muzyka explores the experiences of Indigenous players Ethan Bear (Edmonton Oilers) and Devin Buffalo (the ECHL’s Greenville Swamp Rabbits) with racism, discrimination, and being an inspiration to young Indigenous athletes. [CBC News]
  • Katie Strang has an important and upsetting piece on sexual abuse in youth hockey in Atlanta, GA. USA Hockey is investigating the matter and offering support to victims. However, the organization is drawing criticism for not publishing the names of individuals who have been banned from the organization. [The Athletic – PAYWALLED]
  • Rick Westhead has been investigating the sad story of former NHL star Joe Murphy, who has been living on the streets in Northern Ontario. Murphy has received assistance from the NHLPA Emergency Assistance Fund and is now temporarily housed in a motel in Kenora. [TSN]
  • A look at the rising popularity of pro hockey, and the Elite Ice Hockey League, in Britain. [The Guardian]
  • How will the CWHL’s Chinese partnership affect the popularity and growth of hockey in the country of 1.3 billion? [Sportsnet]
  • Caroline Ouellette’s retirement prompted a heartfelt reflection on her impact by by Robyn Flynn. [Hand Over Puck]
  • Others are already advocating for Ouellette’s inclusion in the Hockey Hall of Fame:

  • Noah Underwood, a student at University of Alberta, has published a study on how the US Women’s National Team used Twitter to successfully advocate for equal pay and benefits from USA Hockey. [Folio]
  • AJ Mleczko, former Team USA Olympian, has been hired as a studio analysts for New York Islanders games on MSG Network. Last NHL season, Mleczko became the first woman to call an NHL playoff game from the broadcasting booth for NBC. [Newsday]
  • Julie Chu appeared on the CBC podcast Players’ Own Voice. [CBC]
  • Randy Lee, the former assistant general manager of the Ottawa Senators, is going to trial for sexually harassing an Uber driver. Lee was on the Senators payroll and attending the draft combine in Buffalo when the incident occurred. [Sportsnet]
  • William Douglass looks at the Black coaches who will be behind benches in North American pro hockey and aiming to work their way toward the NHL. [Color of Hockey]
  • Devante Smith-Pelly of the Washington Capitals will not visit the White House if the Stanley Cup champions receive an invite from Donald Trump. [TSN]
  • A new book by veteran journalist Dave Shoalts takes a deep look at the 2012 acquisition of NHL rights by Rogers Sportsnet, which resulted in the CBC losing the rights to and revenues from broadcasting NHL games. [CBC Radio]
  • Meanwhile Sportsnet executive Scott Moore, who played a major role in securing the deal for Rogers, is leaving the media company. [Awful Announcing]
  • Roberto Luongo of the Florida Panthers is paying tribute to the victims of last year’s Parkland school shooting on his goalie mask. Luongo has been outspoken in his support of the victims and a need for change in the US’ gun culture:

  • The NHL is close to approving Seattle as the league 32nd franchise. A final vote will take place in December, and if successful, the team could begin play as early as 2020. [CBC News]
  • Finally, the Philadelphia Flyers have struck social media gold with the introduction of Gritty. Ringer staff debate the merits and popularity of the new Flyers’ mascot. [The Ringer]

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