Weekly Links: Colored Hockey Championships Commemorative Stamp and more

BlackHistoryColoredHockeyChampionshipStamp_400PThe Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media.

  • The UK Elite Ice Hockey League’s Manchester Storm defender Zach Sullivan is the first professional male ice hockey player to publicly identify as bisexual. [BBC]
  • “As long as I am the president, women’s hockey will be in the budget of the KHL” said league president Dmitry Chernyshenko. Emily Kaplan explores both the positives (salaries!) and negatives (nude calendar shoots) for foreign players playing in Russia. [ESPN]
  • 40% of NHL All-Stars went to private schools, as elite hockey increasingly becomes a game for the rich. [Aaron Saltzman, CBC]
  • The Halifax Eurekas, winners of the 1904 Colored Hockey Championship, are featured on a new Canada Post stamp. [Jack Julian, CBC]
  • Blake Bolden, PWHPA Defender and the first African-American player in the NWHL, is joining the Los Angeles Kings as a scout. [Instagram]
  • Sign Women’s Pro Hockey Seattle’s petition to show ESPN the demand for broadcasting women’s hockey. [Change.org]
  • Kunlun Red Star will play the remainder of their KHL season in Russia, due to concerns over the coronavirus. [Donya Abramo, Russian Machine Never Breaks]

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