Implementing Anti-Racism in Hockey Public Q&A – June 29th

Gauthier Skate

Photo by Katie Coopman.

On March 2, 2020, we published the first ever Policy Paper for Anti-Racism in Canadian Hockey. It was the result of the March 30, 2019 Roundtable on Racism in Hockey. To date, the policy paper has been downloaded almost 1700 times and shared across Canada and the United States with hockey organizations of all levels, including the NHL. Thank you to everyone who has already read the policy paper! If you have questions about the policy paper itself or how you could implement some its recommendations, we will be holding a Zoom Q&A with all four authors of the policy paper on Monday June 29th, 2020 from 7pm-9pm EST/4pm-6pm PST.

The event is FREE and open to parents, players, coaches, scouts, officials, administrators, and media. Registration closes on June 24th @ 9pm PST/12am EST. The Q&A session will be formatted around questions that are submitted in advance. You will have the opportunity to submit your question during the registration process below. Live questions can be submitted via Twitter with the hashtag #AntiRacistHockey; however, in the interest of time and virtual moderation, we will spend the majority of time addressing the questions that are submitted in advance. We ask that you have read the policy paper before submitting your question and/or attending the session. Please feel free to share this information widely.

Download the policy paper [HERE].

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Email for late registration.

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