Weekly Links: Ted Nolan speaks at The Hockey Conference; O’Reilly case dropped; KHL adds Chinese team; and more


Ted Nolan. Photo from Buffalo Hockey Beat.

The Weekly Links post highlights important or interesting writing from the hockey blogosphere and media. Enjoy!

  • Remember when Ryan O’Reilly crashed his truck into a Tim Hortons last year? Well the Crown has dropped the impaired driving case. [TSN]
  • The KHL has expanded its reach to China with the logo being revealed for the Kunlun Red Star. [IIHF]
  • Last week, Ted Nolan spoke at The Hockey Conference about his experiences in a “white man’s game”. [CBC]
  • On July 4th the province of Nova Scotia changed their labour code to include CHL teams in response to the pending class action suit [TSN]. The Halifax Mooseheads are less than thrilled about the new labour code that will force the team to pay its players minimum wage and vacation pay. [Metro News]
  • You may have heard about the Tenors anthem debacle this week from the MLB All-Star game, well so did Don Cherry and he had some…interesting thoughts on the matter. [CBC]
  • An interesting piece written by Harley Haggerty reflecting on a piece he wrote for The Player’s Tribune a few months back about fighting that resulting in him having to beg guys for fights. [Player’s Tribune]
  • South Korean hockey has hired a number of Canadian players to help make its national team competitive in time for the World Championship. [The Hockey News]
  • Let them play! The Ontario Children and Youth Services Minister is fighting to have Toronto’s street hockey ban lifted. [Toronto Star]
  • If you were a Hartford Whalers fan back in the day you may want to join their Booster Club of 59 members. [The News & Observer]
  • The Montreal Canadiens have announced that they will be moving their AHL affiliate from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Laval Quebec in the fall of 2017. [The Telegram]

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